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Let Us Show Your Business's Value.

At SBRE, our goal is to help you achieve the highest and best price for your business while taking the least amount of time from you and your company. Your time is valuable and focusing your time on your business operations is crucial to its success. To achieve the best price, your company must continue to grow, and we must accurately communicate that value to potential buyers. After all, buyers will be looking for clear value and potential.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Business?

Deciding if you're ready to sell your business can be tough. If you are still unsure, we've pulled together a few helpful resources for you.

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How To Prepare Your Business For Sale

If you've decided to sell, you may not yet know where to start. We've compiled a pre-sell checklist to help get you started.

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Review Our 7 Step Process And Schedule A Consultation.

When you sell a business with SBRE, we will be there at every step of the process. You devoted your time, and resources into building your business. We know that selling is a stressful experience and want to make it as successful and efficient for you as possible.

There are 7 steps to our process. We've outlined them for you here, but we encourage you to reach out to us to set up a consultation to answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

Confidential Consultation

Our first step is to meet with you to learn about your business and understand your goals. During this meeting, we get to know you and you decide if you would like to proceed in selling your business with us.

Use the contact us button to schedule your consultation today.

Collect Information & Analyze

If you would like us to conduct a valuation for you and provide our professional Opinion of Value, we'll sign a confidentiality agreement. We then provide you with a list of essential information we require to analyze your business. The more accurate this information is, the more accurately and efficiently we can provide you with a value analysis. We know what information buyers want to see, so we ensure we collect everything to make the selling process as smooth as possible.

Use the contact us button to request more information regarding prices for our valuations.

Valuation Estimates

We generate a Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV) based on your business’s financial information, business assets and a thorough market analysis. Every business is unique and we strive to provide you with an accurate valuation that we can document with data and deliver the highest and best sale price.

Your Custom Marketing Plan

We create all the marketing materials necessary to successfully market your business and then strategically promote your business to qualified potential buyers through online and off-line channels.

Marketing Materials Include

  • 1-Page teaser document: provides an overview of your business, while retaining anonymity
  • Offering Memorandum (OM), also called a Confidential Information Memo (CIM): provides all the specific information buyers need to determine whether or not they will move forward with an offer
  • Buyers are only able to view this (OM/CIM) after signing a Confidentiality Agreement (CA), also called a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Marketing Plan Includes

  • Targeted marketing
  • Consumer/Trade advertising including but not limited to The Wall Street Journal, USA Today Network, New York Times, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Craig’s List & more
  • Listings on national brokerage networks including BizBuySell, BizQuest, LoopNet &/or CoStar
  • Confidential promotions
  • SBRE's exclusive database

What Do Buyers Want to Know? And How?

Communication With Potential Buyers

Typically, we sift through multiple inquiries before finding ones that are the best fit for purchasing your business. We manage all the details of the inquiries, buyer evaluations, and initial information exchanges before introducing you to them. There are 4 steps in this communication process before we get to an offer:

  1. All interested parties are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  2. We pre-qualify buyers and provide the Offering Memorandum, after they sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and then answer any initial questions they have.
  3. We introduce you to qualified buyers and facilitate the sales process.
  4. We review and provide recommendations on buyers’ offers. To help you find the best deal possible, we review the price offered, terms of sale, due diligence requirements, fit of buyer with any new information, and the closing process.

Negotiations & Contracts

There are many components in negotiating the sale of a business. Before even getting to any contracts to sign, we review all aspects of the offer with you to ensure we negotiate fairly and accurately on your behalf. Experienced buyers will have many aspects to their offer, outside of price, that we may need to negotiate, i.e. transition periods, inventory, accounts receivables, payables, financing, existing contracts, etc.

Once we reach an agreement on the terms of the offer, we will facilitate a Letter of Intent. After which, the buyer has a period of time to complete a Purchase and Asset Agreement, initiate their due diligence, and review all aspects of the business with their accountants, lawyers, and lenders. We work with each seller ahead of time to gather as much of this information as possible, to strive for an expedited and efficient due diligence process and successful sale/closing.

The purchase agreement is typically negotiated by attorneys. You may use your own attorney, or we share our professional connections with you and provide recommendations for experienced attorneys to use at this stage of the process.

Closing & Transition

After the deal is signed, the process is not quite over! Many sellers are excited to move onto the next steps after selling their business. However, there is a transition period for most business transfers. We make sure you are prepared for this transition and know what to expect based on your buyer’s conditions.

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