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As a full-service platform with a variety of capabilities, SBRE understands the importance of tailoring each approach to align with your business goals and vision for the future. SBRE is a team of highly experienced professionals who combine years of experience, tested marketing knowledge, an extensive database we've personally cultivated, and strong industry partnerships to provide you with the best possible selling, buying, or leasing experience. Our creativity to problem solve is unmatched. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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The best people, marketing, and solutions for you.


As a full-service platform with a variety of capabilities, SBRE understands the importance of tailoring each approach to align with your business goals and vision for the future. SBRE is a team of highly experienced professionals who combine years of experience, tested marketing knowledge, an extensive database we've personally cultivated, and strong industry partnerships to provide you with the best possible selling or buying experience. Our creativity to problem solve is unmatched. Contact us for a free consultation today.


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Why Is A Valuation Important?

Value is more than just a number. It represents your business. Your property. Your legacy. Your future.

Despite the importance of accurate and updated valuations, business owners and property owners don’t typically request valuations until they have already determined they want to sell. While this practice is common, it creates inaccurate assumptions on value prior to selling and can create frustration and disappointment. It is essential to know both the book value of your assets, as well as the value someone else is willing to pay for those assets. It requires experience and market understanding to provide owners with accurate representations of their assets. It also requires understanding the opportunities available to buyers and sellers to capture and increase existing value. For this reason, SBRE specializes in helping buyers and sellers maximize their value.

SBRE provides thorough valuations of all property types. The valuation will include sale comps, competing properties, analysis, and a written opinion of value.

We market office, retail, industrial, land, multifamily and businesses. Our market expertise will ensure you make the right decisions based on current valuations.

Who Needs A Valuation?

For sellers, an accurate valuation provides critical insight to get the best price possible and creates confidence during the negotiation process. For buyers, an accurate valuation instills trust and confidence in the value of the investment and the asking price.

Whether you’re ready to sell today or starting to plan to sell in the near future, at SBRE, we believe the first step is understanding how buyers will value your business. We help you identify assets and advantages you may not have thought of and help address potential weaknesses in your business to find ways to make them positive.

  • Buyers
  • Shareholders
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Any business seeking financing
  • Sellers
  • Partners
  • All parties involved in a merger or acquisition

What Is Our Valuation For?

  • Owners who are ready to sell.
  • Owners who are planning to sell in the next 6-12 months.
  • Owners who want to increase the value of their business or property.

What Is Our Process?

  1. We meet with you to better understand your plans, goals, and reasons for requesting a valuation.
  2. Next, we provide you with a list of the information we will need to provide an accurate valuation of your business or property.
  3. Our team will conduct a site visit and analysis of your business or property. We review the zoning, possible uses, income and expenses, leases and other components of the property.
  4. SBRE will then provide a thorough valuation of your property &/or business. We use our extensive databases of information and our market expertise to provide our clients with accurate valuations. Our valuation will include sale comps, full market analysis, financial analysis (cash flow projections and pro-forma), and a written opinion of value. Each valuation is based on real-world experience and tested market knowledge. We know what buyers look for in a business, what they value, their main questions, and how they determine their offer.

To discuss your property and/or business with us and get the valuation process started, use the contact button or email us at We look forward to working with you.

What Is Our Valuation Not For?

  • Appraisals: please contact a licensed appraiser.
  • Bankruptcy: please contact a licensed attorney.

How Does SBRE Handle Dispositions?

When selling anything, value is affected by the law of supply and demand. While you can't control supply, you can increase demand. SBRE disposition marketing ensures your property sale receives the maximum possible demand from potential prospects.

What Does This Mean For You?

Whether you want a quiet sale to well-targeted prospects, or maximum exposure of your property by casting the widest net, SBRE will provide the appropriate marketing plan for you, your property, and the market. Not only will you receive more offers, they will be more competitive offers.

Typically, national brokers do not cooperate with or offer to share their commission fee with buyer’s agents. SBRE offers "true cooperation" sharing not only the commission fee but also all sharing all helpful information and assets to help facilitate a smooth transaction. 

With SBRE, your property receives what our clients refer to as “real national marketing," meaning your property is shared with all potential buyers across the globe. We do this on day one of the marketing assignment, when buyers tend to make the best offers. SBRE markets your property on dozens of websites and multiple e-marketing systems.

Simply put, SBRE’s strategic marketing process maximizes your opportunities. Let us sell your asset with one of the most powerful disposition platforms available.

How Does SBRE Create A Successful Acquisition Process?

SBRE specializes in representing companies, large and small, to locate and facilitate the acquisition of the right assets at the best location, price, terms, and returns. Utilizing our research, property and market knowledge, and commitment to our clients, we add value and foster sustainable growth for your company.

We uncover more options, including on and off-market opportunities. Our experienced and highly specialized team assists with locating, negotiations, and the closing process. From rent surveys to submarket property performance trends and sales comps, we have the research capacity and market knowledge to add value to your acquisitions.

We advise during every stage, providing expertise and best practices for offers, contracts, negotiations, due diligence, and closings. SBRE is well-versed in all types of transactions, including fee simple, joint venture, note purchase, limited partnerships, sale-leasebacks, and build-to-suit. Core, value add or opportunistic, what can we help you acquire?

Schedule a time to meet with one of our highly specialized team members today to learn more.

Why Should You Use SBRE’s Landlord Services?

In-house leasing is expensive, labor intensive and frustrating. Salaries, training, and marketing expenses increase while results are inadequate. Your time and money are valuable, so we do all the time consuming work for you.

SBRE has a proactive approach to all of your leasing needs. We understand time is money. SBRE is committed to a highly strategic marketing plan to secure high-quality and creditworthy tenants for our landlords to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful relationship.

The SBRE Personalized Touch.

SBRE will ensure any prospective tenant is in line with the parameters set forth by our client. We pride ourselves on a firsthand and unique approach for each client to ensure your financial, cultural, and overall business goals are met.

To learn more about our strategic marketing approach and commitment to securing strong tenants for your asset, schedule an initial consultation with SBRE today.

How Do SBRE’s Tenant Services Fit Your Needs?

SBRE has successfully served a variety of businesses, in size and industry, to negotiate and occupy space. We understand the importance of not only our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, but also our responsibility to uphold a company’s culture, ethos, and business flexibility. We handle everything from relocation, renewals, restructures, build-to-suits, and temporary space.

Our extensive market knowledge, demographic analyses, competitor tracking reports, and overall unique and tailored client approach sets SBRE apart from our competition.

How Do We Simplify The Process For You?

Based on your goals and financial targets, we will provide you with the most viable options and create a tour list with you.

What Is A 1031 Exchange?

The 1031 Exchange allows you to defer taxes on the sale of real estate held for investment or business purposes, if you reinvest in a like-kind property within certain time frames and guidelines. Instead of paying the taxes due on the sale of the property, you can utilize the funds to generate cash flow and build more wealth.

SBRE will help you make the most of your exchange whether your property is office, retail, industrial, multifamily, land, or a single tenant asset.  We will also review your goals to help you determine strategies to add value to your endeavors. Depending on your mission, there are many instances where we might utilize 1031 Exchanges.

How Does SBRE Assist You With A 1031 Exchange?

SBRE has consistently learned valuable best practices from advising investors through the 1031 exchange process, and here are our top ten:

    1. Engage an attorney and a 1031 intermediary to assure 1031 compliance.
    2. Begin looking for replacement property early. Start at the latest, the first day your relinquished property goes under contract. Do not wait until the closing.
    3. Engage a knowledgeable broker as early as possible, preferably before you start marketing your relinquished property.
    4. Make sure your broker has proper property search systems, research, and property owner databases needed to effectively identify as many replacement properties as possible and provide advice on the property type and market area.
    5. Do not use the 45-day identification period as your deadline to have replacement property under contract. You should complete all or as much due diligence as possible on any potential replacement property prior to the identification deadline. 
    6. Understand the purchase agreement you will most likely use when making offers up front. Do not wait until you find a suitable property to consider the format.
    7. When possible make offers in a purchase agreement format rather than a letter of intent. This may save time and keep your offer from being shopped.
    8. Proactively make offers on appropriate properties, even if they are overpriced. If the property works, don't be shy about making an offer that makes sense. You never know, they may negotiate a reasonable deal. If they don't, move on.

We answer all your questions with a free consultation, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.